Latest News

10 October 2011 I have turned off both lightning detectors. My PC is almost dead and I need to conserve it as much as possible.

10 October 2011 Both of the USB cameras are not working at present due to a wiring issue.

16 January 2011 I Am Now Producing Forecasts From Here, Using The Wxsim Program Which Gathers Data From Sites Around Nz And The Surrounding Oceans. The Program Then Uses A Combination Of Established Forecasting Models Along With Data From My Station To Produce A Forecast Out To 7 Days. As With Any Forecast The Further Out It Is The More Likely It Is To Change, But It Should Be Reasonably Accurate Out To 4 Days.

the Forecasts Are Generated From Data Gathered At 3Am, 6Am, 9Am, 12Pm, 3Pm, 6Pm, And 9Pm - By The Time The Data Is Gathered And The Forecasts Produced And Uploaded They Should Be On The Site By Half Past Those Hours.

12 January 2011 Have almost completed some maintenance and improvements, the wind gear is now a bit higher and is now 10 metres off the ground - about 1.5m higher than it was. The webcam is now up near the top of the pole too, and it is now easily rotatable so I can change the view relatively easily. The lightning radar is now in a proper enclosure, and higher up the mast.

18 July 2010 Added a Google Map of World weather stations - can be found in the 'Current Weather' tab

1 July 2010 Took this photo of the eclipse the other night around 11:30pm 26/06/2010

Eclipse 26 June 2010

22 November 2009 If anyone wants to make me an offer for the old equipment get in touch thru the contact page.(equipment has been taken )

1 November The new Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus is now installed, the ULD lightning radar is also mounted but not operational yet.

22 October 2009 I have started making a few changes to the site to reflect the new UV and solar sensors, they won't show anything for a while until the equipment is installed. I have also changed the wind readings to show km/h so that everything on the site will be consistant

21 October 2009 The new equipment arrived yesterday, I plan on getting it installed next week so the station may go off air for a day or two while I swap everything over. I will hopefully get the ULD lightning radar up at the same time.

18 October 2009 The new equipment is ordered and is on it's way! It left the US on the 14th.

13 October 2009 The row of Gums on the southern boundary went down over the last few days, this should mean a bit more accurate wind readings (as well as a safer power supply to the Purerua Peninsula).

28 September 2009 Some of you may have noticed that the rain readings lately are also a bit erratic, it hasn't really rained that much. It seems this 'professional' weather station doesn't like being outside anymore, even in our temperate climate. Hopefully I will be able to replace the station soon, I know what I want - just need a bit more money.

12 July 2009 Looks like the wind gear has failed again. It is not blowing a steady 92 knots. I will disconnect it until the weather is more suitable for going up on the roof to attempt a repair.

6 July 2009 The new website is now up and running, if you see any glitches please let me know thru the contact page. Also if there is something else you would like to see on the site let me know and I will see if it is possible.

Planned Additions/Improvements

The new Boltek lightning radar is now running, I still need a big ladder or a cherry picker to mount the ULD radar.

Wish List

Now I have the new station, but I now have the option to add extra sensors, so the station will continue to grow and improve as finances allow.

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Thanks to those who have given, enabling me to move to the new (more appropriatly named website), the new lightning radar should hopefully be running soon.